Products - Overview:

schlumpf drive

The schlumpf drives offers extraordinary possibilities.

The extremely slender two gear gearbox is added to the chain ring as in the model, either to the gear transmission or the gear reduction.

The ideal, non-descript supplement can be universally used and offers more fun and comfort when riding.

A technical lucky bag without cables, safe and above all low maintenance.





Overview schlumpfdrive

Model:  -

speed drive (supplement/ extension of expansion without extreme marginal  value)

1:1 and transmission 1:1.65


high speed drive (supplement for reaching high speeds)

1:1 and transmission 1:2.5


mountain drive (supplement with easy gears)

1:1 and reduction 2,5:1


reha drive (supplement with easy gears – specifically for disabled vehicles.)

1:1 and reduction 2,5:1

Principle: - Planetary gear with 2 protective positions: 1:1 direct gear and one          transmission or reduction
Bottom Bracket: -

- BSA 68mm - 72mm width (wider axes on demand possible)

Chain wheels: -

- 34/36/38/40 teeth of steel

- 42/44/46/48/50/52/... up to 75 teeth of aluminium


Gear Changing:

-  by a kick with the heel, be it while standing still or at full throttle



commercially available models with regular square seats…

170mm aluminium, straight, silver or black

170mm aluminium, bent, black

160mm, 165mm, 172.5mm, 175mm aluminium bent, black or silver

155mm, straight, silver and black



advanced belt drive

Advanced belt drive is a consistent belt system:
thick, deep gripping teeth so that the belt can’t skip, discs on both sides of sprocket for belt guidance and protection,
light robust belt discs made out of a piece of high strength aluminium, self cleaning system.

The gear belt system doesn’t add any additional requirements to the rigidity of the framework,
it runs without initial tension and does not generate any additional bearing load.





Overview advanced belt drive

sprockets: -

manufactured of a piece of aluminium (7075) or steel 1.4305

width: 11mm

lamination: -

 Covering anodised black – other colours on demand

steel: untreated

Front Sprocket: -

34t, 37t, 38t, 40t, 42t, 43t, 45t, 50t

Crank acceppance:  

- 5 arm, BCD 130mm

- 5 arm, BCD 110mm

- 4 arm, BCD 104mm

- Pinion 28 and 30 teeth


Rear Sprocket:

- 18t, 20t, 21t, 23t, 26t

Sprocket Acceptance:


- 9 Spline

- 3 Spline (for Shimano Alfine)

- Rohloff


Drive belt:


Tooth pitch: 14mm

width: 7mm


belt length:

- 1260mm, 1344mm, 1400mm and 1610mm

switching systems:


- schlumpf drive

- Shimano Alfine 11-Gang

- Shimano Alfine 8-Gang

- Nuvinci

- Rohloff

- Pinion